Chloe Blanchett

A curious hobbyist with a variety of tricks.


Name: Chloe Blanchett
DoB: November 24th, 1529
Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Sex: Female
World: AEB1
Region: Kanto
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 113 lbs.
Species: Human
Occupation: Member of Winter Lotus.
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: None


Chloe Blanchett was born and raised in Saffron City by William and Molly Ainsley. Chloe Blanchett was not her original name, but one she adopted after the Second Calamity. She was eleven when it happened, and the only survivor in her household.

The orphaned Chloe moved to northern Kanto to get away from the ruins of her past. Both the painful memories of her parents and the scarred landscape of her home too much for her at the time. Chloe Blanchett took advantage of the post-calamity confusion to gain a trainer license under her assumed name. Between the confusion, Chloe’s natural glib and the desperation to re-establish a trainer population in the wake of the destruction, she successfully gained a new identity as Chloe Blanchett.

In truth Chloe had no intention of training pokemon, she simply needed a place to stay, and with orphans abundant in Kanto she decided to get creative. Chloe’s license was enough to get her a bed at any pokemon center in Kanto. Her first center of choice was in Cerulean City. There she made fast friends with a nurse in training, Koune. It’s normal for a pokemon center to limit how many days a week a trainer can stay, but Chloe’s friendship with Koune made her an exception.

This patience wore thin over time. Chloe was an orphan with a lot of trauma to overcome. But even as she did Chloe showed no signs of leaving. She grew berries for pocket money and relied on the pokemon center to take care of her needs. Eventually even Koune gave her an ultimatum: Become a real pokemon trainer instead of a technically licensed one or be banned from the center.

Chloe’s story truly began with the creation of Winter Lotus when she was 19 years old, only a few days after the ultimatum. Chloe had bought some supplies, settled in Fairview and began to carve some pokeballs. She was approached by a woman named Rochette and the rest has yet to unfold.

Chloe Blanchett

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