Symbiote - 1st Generation

The best thing you'll ever wear.


Created by Cepheus White and Crystal Jenny

An ooze-like creature made with the intent of a one-size-fits-all-any-environment-or-situation clothing. Because changing shape or size while wearing normal clothes can become expensive.

A Symbiote is a creature capable of changing shape to be any set of clothing or armour, imitating any fabric or armour down to the way it feels, weighs and smells (minus any special qualities the material may possess) by sheer thought of the wearer. This creature bonds with the wearer, kept alive by the nutrition siphoned from the wearer – similar to a fetus and its host parent, and attaches to the nervous system allowing for instantaneous change of the Symbiotes form at the wearer’s need with just a thought.

It was created with its singular purpose in mind and is a living creature but with the ethics of capture, ownership and rights being called to light so often the Symbiote was intentionally engineered to be of the utmost basic intelligence and completely reliant upon people (these with the need of clothing and the intelligence to utilize a Symbiote).

The Symbiote is capable of changing into fashionable clothes, clothes made to resist harsh weather, scuba diving gear, etc. Practically limited only to the users imagination. Despite this, the Symbiote isn’t a catch-all to hazardous situations (though it is quite beneficial in a number of them). Every Symbiote has its own set of unique flaws and perks.

Any flaw(s) a Symbiote has, when exposed to, renders the Symbiote harmed and causes it to retreat within its host (harmlessly), leaving their host nude and exposed to the elements.

Symbiotes respond neutrally to elements or attacks they do not have flaws or perks against. They react as normal attire or armour would but if shredded, burned, torn, etc. it’ll regrow almost instantly.

Any perk(s) a Symbiote has, when exposed to, renders the Symbiote – and by extension, the wearer – protect (at least somewhat) from harm.

Because a Symbiote must have a bond with its wearer and takes the form of all clothing the wearer should ever wear – the wearer must be nude before bonding with a Symbiote and remain nude to utilize its clothing abilities. This only applies to the Body slot.

Some example of flaw(s) or perk(s) a Symbiote could have are: Ice Damage, damaging weather, falling damage or Push effects.


Symbiote - 1st Generation

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