Symbiote - 2nd Generation

When what you wear has insatiable hunger.


As Symbiote – 1st Generation with the following adjustments.

Generation two Symbiotes are created from Generation one Symbiotes. Generation one Symbiotes reproduce asexually every x years. X is a number unique to that particular Generation one Symbiote. Typically it’s every 11 years but every 2 years isn’t unheard of. A Generation one Symbiote creates 1d3 offspring with a 50% chance for every offspring to be a Generation one Symbiote.

A generation two Symbiote is not the unintelligent ‘do as I tell you’ creature its generation one cousins are. These Symbiotes are roughly as intelligent as humans (or if you’re using Pok√©mon intelligence numbers, INT4 to INT5). The Symbiote is able to speak directly into the mind of its host.

Generation two Symbiotes, while still reliant on a host to survive, do not typically view their hosts as masters, friends or even allies. Instead, they abuse their connection to their hosts nervous system and often attempts to take control of their hosts body as if it were their own. _Whenever the Symbiote attempts to take control the target needs to make a Focus check to maintain control of their body opposed by the Symbiotes Focus roll. If the Symbiote rolls higher, the body becomes controlled by it for a number of hours equal to the difference between the rolls. The Symbiote or the host can attempt to gain control again after a number of hours has passed equal to the difference of their contested Focus rolls. _

The Symbiote has its host longevity as a major concern (for itself not the host) and as a result will often repair imperfections in its host. It may restore/reverse neurological damage or disease and physical disease (including genetic disorders).

Since the Symbiote often believes that the hosts body belongs to it rather than the other way around the Symbiote is causes the host to have enhanced abilities. Generation two Symbiotes cause their host to gain +2 Power, +2 Movement Capabilities, Wallclimber capability, Threaded capability deal +5 damage with all their damaging attacks and have +5 DR.


Symbiote - 2nd Generation

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