Symbiote - 3rd Generation

When clothes wear you.


As Symbiote – 2nd Generation with the following adjustments.

Generation three Symbiotes are created from Generation two Symbiotes. Only while a Generation two Symbiote has control over their host can they reproduce. They are only capable of doing this once a year. They take bits of their hosts genetics and inject their offspring into another host. This is rarely consensual or sensual and typically done via a piercing attack (though it doesn’t need to be piercing but needs to be melee). The target host usually doesn’t know that they’re carrying offspring. This offspring has a 50% chance to be a Generation two Symbiote.

A Generation three Symbiote forcibly dominates its host. It grapples it into submission and when it pins them bonds with them. A host bonded by a Generation three Symbiote is instantly controlled if they have a Mind attribute of 2 or less. If they have 3 or more Mind (or are PCs) they are able to break domination from a Generation three Symbiote. If they’re a PC they make opposed Focus checks. If the PC rolls higher than the Symbiote they gain control of their bodies for a number of rounds equal to the difference – if they roll lower they remain dominated by the Symbiote and cannot attempt to break free for a number of rounds equal to the difference.

With the intent of the Symbiote to control the hosts body as its own it keeps it healthy. Its host instantly recovers an injury once a day, typically right after a battle. It prevents its host from ever being diseased or afflicted with toxins.

A Generation three Symbiote further increases its host abilities by the following: +1 Power, +1 Movement capabilities, +5 damage dealt with damaging attacks, +5 DR, recovers 5 HP at the start of each of its turns, +3 Perception skill checks and cannot be flanked.


Symbiote - 3rd Generation

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