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An Eternity Bound Present 1.5

An Eternity Bound Past takes place 5 years after the event of BW2. An Eternity Bound Present takes place 25 years after the final events of AEBPa. AEBPr1.5 takes place 8 years after the final events of AEBPr. Now, that’s a lot of math to take into account. So, considering at least a year passed in both Pa and Pr, we can safely say that AEBPr1.5 is roughly 40 years after the events of the handheld BW2.

To prevent spoilers for the players of AEBPa the events that lead from it to AEBPr won’t be explained here. The PCs of AEBPr, however, were Venec Myles, Cepheus White, Crystal Jenny, Danny Green, and Kia Meyers. They worked under the name Team Oak and worked directly with Gary Oak, the Pokémon Professor of Viridian City. Team Oak explored the region and discovered the Splices living among the population such as Miranda and Lucy. The 2nd Calamity rained down upon Man and Pokémon from the Sky Ships that had loomed overhead passively for decades. Creatures known as Husks attacked every city in every region in every part of the planet in unison. Team Oak helped to single-handedly stop the disease the Husks brought with them and coordinated a defense against these abominations. This event at the end of AEBPr is known as the 2nd calamity but often referred to as the calamity.

PR1.5 begins 8 years after that calamity and the world is in a very different stage. It’s in the recovery state from the calamity where the worlds population has plummeted, whole cities lie in ruins and technology is unevenly scattered around the region. Pokémon Centers are rare and few and only found in the big cities.

Main Page

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