An Eternity Bound

An Eternity Bound is less a Pokémon game and more of a game that has a lot of Pokémon in it. The gyms are distractions to what’s really important: the meaning and purpose of strength, enduring the pain of loss and death and the examination of the swiftly blurring line between Pokémon and humans.

An Eternity Bound doesn’t pull punches though It isn’t a grim game; in fact it’s usually quite silly, but everything has its consequences and death and sex are not talked about in hushed tones. It is a world of monsters, not mascots, and a lot of what it means to be a trainer is to be a hero in a very, very dangerous world.

An Eternity Bound is a living world. It does not wait for you. Villains and heroes alike will complete their own goals even if the players never hear about them and an ignored or put-off quest can quickly spiral out of control. The players are not important until they make themselves important.

-Rob Benson

Welcome to the would we live every day. Welcome to An Eternity Bound.


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