Jennifer Attaway

A friendly travelling performer


Songstress, Thinker.


Name: Rochette Higsby
DoB: June 15th
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Sex: Female
World: AEB1
Region: Kanto
Height: 5 feet 6 inches or 167.64 centimeters
Weight: 133 pounds or 60.32 kilograms
Species: Pokemorph (Gardevoir)
Occupation: Travelling Actress, Musician
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: None

Jennifer was a rare breed among the civilians of Olde Cerulean, a child born between a human and a Gardevoir. She didn’t have a lot of real friends, but some of the children were curious about what it was like to be inhuman while others might bully her with threats of stuffing her in a pokeball when they’re old enough, or something along those lines. She managed to push through, admiring the people who got on stage in front of millions to perform and battle for the thrill and entertainment of viewers. By the time most of her age group was arguing over which pokemon to start with, she was practicing amateur contest introductions and performances.

When the Calamity happened, Jen lost her father during the initial assaults, and hid with her mother in the barrier shelter at the Pokemon Center. When Team Oak came through and helped them set up for the long haul, she did what she could to help with the work and put on shows with her mother and some of the other kids to keep everyone from falling into depression and despair… and to keep herself from the same. Once the battles were over and the dome came down, they moved to the founding city of New Cerulean and Jen kept up the same tasks—help with the work she could at her age, organize and put together shows for the other people, and try to deal with the loss of her father.

Over the years, Jen trained not just as an entertainer, but also as an adventurer. She studied the different things she’d need to know to get across Kanto, learned from some combat classes, and generally prepared as best she could before heading out. She left her mother in New Cerulean, promising to try and keep in contact, and she left to follow in the wake of a group of adventurers called the Winter Lotus.

Jennifer Attaway

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