Saturn Rosewell

"I was told that it's okay to be afraid sometimes. And when I let my fear stop controlling me - that's when I saw life with all eyes open."


Name: Saturn Rosewell
Gender: Female
Height: 61 in (1.55 m)
Weight: 94.1 lbs (42.8 kg)
Hair color: Golden-brown, with a purplish tint
Eye color: Sky blue
Age: 16 (as of session #61)
DOB: 8 August 1532
Hometown: Fallarbor Town, Houen Region

Theme: No Tears, Only Dreams (Underground Ruin – Ys: Memories of Celceta)

(Saturn has adopted two primary guises and personality sets over the course of the campaign. The first one, in which she was primarily quiet, sad, and trying to hide her nature, is dubbed her ‘Pre-Awakening’ phase. The second and current one, where she is much more vibrant, cheerful, and accepting of herself, is dubbed her ‘Post-Awakening’ phase. These aren’t in-character names, but they are accurate distinctions.
While a lot of nudging to begin the transition had taken place, it didn’t actually start until Log #51, shortly after the concert at Snowmeadow. The transition was finalized at Log #61, at the Cerulean City Pok√©mon Center.)

Physical Appearance:
Pre-Awakening: Originally Saturn’s appearance was generic and unassuming, with golden-brown hair, fair skin, and clear blue eyes. Her outfit was usually just a brown vest, a white undershirt, and a red skirt. After adopting the powers of the ice-based Night Queen (inadvertently), that changed to a black vest, a purple undershirt (same color as her hair, which also changed), and a blue skirt. She tended to switch between these two color schemes based on the temperature; colder weather caused her to adopt the purple outfit, while more usual weather shifted it to the brown one.
She was never seen without wearing her beret, nor of the white rose set in it; both of those things are a memento of an old friend. She’s physically small, and generally quiet (though not above raising her voice when necessary). Beneath her hat, her hair was bound up thickly in knots imitating the shape of crisscrossing vines, to conceal her eyes (though none of this would be visible to any observer because of the hat).

Post-Awakening: While Saturn hasn’t changed in physical stature, her outward appearance has changed tremendously. Her eyes are still the same color, her white rose is still present, and her hair is a steady blend of the golden-brown and purple tints, but after that, the similarities end.
She no longer wears her ever-present beret (though she keeps it still as one of her possessions), though she still wears the white rose behind her ear. Her long hair is no longer bound up, now flowing freely to about elbow-length (though she did have to cut it – otherwise it would be at her waist). This causes her other six eyes, her only Genetic characteristic, to be visible – forming a symmetric ring about her head, for a total of eight eyes. Her physical features adjust slightly based on her surroundings, while learning new abilities (e.g. she conceals a pair of gills underneath a buttoned-up collar), and sometimes she likes to conjure a purple sphere with a lotus insignia within it, which she can channel her attacks through if desired (eventual flavor for the Clay Cannons ability, which she’ll pick up one of these days).
Her new outfit, provided to her by Jupiter (more on him later), consists of a purple cloak extending to her elbows in the front and her waist at the back, worn over a silken white shirt and held in place with a large bow clasp at the neck. She also wears a purple skirt extending to a few inches above her knees, and snug purple boots going halfway up her shins.


Saturn’s personality was originally rather morose and saturnine (pun slightly intended); she rarely smiled at all, and any smile that did happen was just a brief smirk, which vanished in a blink; she got better at it with time, though the smiles were still very small. She saw very little reason to be happy about anything, and treats things very seriously. She was rather reclusive and introverted, a sharp contrast to her Victini, Natasha, who is exactly the opposite (despite being unable to speak the local languages). Due to her unpleasant experiences in the past, she had an intense self-loathing, which grew to a great distrust and dislike of all varieties of hybrids.

After having gone through her Awakening, Saturn’s outlook has done a complete turnaround, from secluded and depressed to happy and confident. She still retains her ability to be serious and taking the lead when necessary, though, but that’s about all that stayed the same. Her default expression is now a bright and radiant smile (rather than a curt frown), and she loves to spend time with the rest of the party. She shows little fear or concern about her Genetic heritage, almost to the point of being brazen – at first she wanted no one to know; now she doesn’t hide it and doesn’t care who knows about it (her disdain for hybrids is now gone, since she’s now accepting of her self). Natasha’s zealousness and cheery personality has rubbed off on her somewhat, to the point where she’s occasionally whimsical; occasionally she will prefer to move forward while ‘sitting on air’, rather than simply walking.

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Fellow Traveling Trainers:
This section contains Saturn’s views on her fellow members of Winter Lotus. I will try to update this on a fairly regular basis, if warranted.

Alsine Kolstad: Saturn has been looking out for Alsine ever since she joined up with the party. Since then Alsine has been a very potent example for Saturn to see past her biases about what is and isn’t normal; she like Saturn hides her true nature when around others, not wanting anyone to know. Because of that she feels a quiet kinship with Alsine, and indeed she was the first one that Saturn told of her non-human state to (to anyone else, she had outright denied it). Even before her Awakening, Saturn has always been willing to defend Alsine from any personal attack that might have come about due to her status as a succubus; she has always felt no one should be ridiculed for what they are, as no one should have to go through what she went through.

Blondelle Champagne is not here. Don’t ask. Saturn never liked her.

Chloe Blanchett: Chloe served as the major catalyst to get Saturn to stick around, when everything else made her want to leave – largely because everyone else tried to get her to stay, but Chloe didn’t stop her. This signaled to Saturn that, despite the team structure, Chloe wanted Saturn to be happy and do what she wanted. Since then they’ve become fast friends (and, outside of Jupiter and Natasha, was Saturn’s first real friend). She’s suspected that Chloe has known for a while that she wasn’t fully human (her meeting with Alsine confirmed that) but she didn’t want that to get in the way of the friendship. Chloe helped her see and evaluate why she wanted to stick around, and now Saturn wants to do the same for her. Saturn sees Chloe as her best friend, tied with Natasha.

Jennifer Attaway: Jennifer has stirred up a lot of conflicting emotions within Saturn. She joined the party as a sudden replacement, at a time when Saturn was still extremely apprehensive of hybrids. She didn’t tell Jennifer she wasn’t welcome (as not only was that untrue but it wasn’t her place to say), but it was fairly obvious from the outset that Saturn wasn’t warming up to Jennifer. Her invaluableness to the party in quick subsequent encounters caused Saturn to feel guilt for her mindset; she had only disliked Jennifer because of her own self-loathing, and it was detrimental to the team. Saturn has apologized to Jennifer for her initial thought-misconduct but still feels that apology alone wasn’t enough. She wants to make Jennifer feel like she’s part of the team, more than she is already.

Rochette Higsby: While Rochette is no longer traveling with Winter Lotus, Saturn has not forgotten her, nor what she did for her. In particular, what has stood out the most to Saturn was her initial encounter in the Forest of Fate, where the aura creatures were outright threatening Saturn, while Rochette stood between the two without giving ground. Saturn has never forgotten Rochette’s kindness for her, and has always felt regret that she was never able to repay the favor.

Valerie Ylsef: Saturn isn’t quite sure what to think of Valerie as she’s not very talkative. She sees Valerie as very purpose-driven and single-minded: get in, do what we need to do, get out, with minimal casualties. While all of that is very important, Saturn doesn’t know what else drives Valerie’s motivation. Regardless she’s been very grateful to her for her selflessness on the battlefield.

Saturn Rosewell