Snowmeadow Village

Snowmeadow Village is a small place located on the east side of Kanto, directly south of Cerulean City. As represented on the region map, it is the second of three settlements on the north-south path found on the east side of the region.

Winter Lotus was asked to investigate a problem at the mausoleum near there, as people kept disappearing into it without returning. They arrived at Snowmeadow Village at the end of Log #36.

People of note:
Amundine Tande: Appears to be a high-ranking official of the town. She interrogated Winter Lotus after their first return from the mausoleum, to be armed with the information they know, to best secure Snowmeadow. After learning that there is a teleportation mechanism in the mausoleum, which connects to outside, she placed Snowmeadow on lockdown, and forbade entry or exit to anyone not Winter Lotus, also providing them with a code word and sign for re-entry. She knows more about weapons than magic, but the protection of Snowmeadow is her utmost priority.

Anastasia Nordvik: The town’s resident vampyre. She was standing guard outside of the cemetery, and was the one who originally posted the job concerning it, thus telling Winter Lotus what she knows. Based on what is known, she doesn’t like waiting around, nor does she like other vampyres infringing on her ‘hunting ground’.

Barak & Micaela Kolberg: The two owners of the Tilted Lantern, Snowmeadow’s inn. Barak is a fairly large man, yet extremely accommodating to anyone under his roof, locals and adventurers alike, and he holds himself and his inn to a good standard of living. Micaela is very similar; she loves guests and likes to hear the stories they bring of other settlements.

Svea Stenberg: The gravekeeper, presumably the one who keeps the graveyard itself looking nice and kept up. She is the owner of Monger Square, a shop hewn into the trunk of a tree which also serves as her home. She is very curt and serious, not wasting words when none have been spoken, but is also forthcoming with information and what she knows. She has an interest in magic and nature, and (like many others in Snowmeadow, presumably) would very much like the incident in the mausoleum to be resolved quickly.

Places of note:
The Fringe: Snowmeadow is a heavily walled settlement, and all entry both in and out of it is thoroughly checked and examined. Snowmeadow is by no means hostile (it’s quite the opposite actually), merely protective, so all new visitors to Snowmeadow must pass through a scanning process in a special area built for such. The Fringe is the name of that area. Approval here means entry into the village, and a requirement to wear a special ‘visitor badge’ at all times.

Graveyard & Mausoleum: Exactly what it sounds like, and the source of an incident of note. Due to circumstances, residents of Snowmeadow were barred access to the mausoleum, and in the process of investigation, Snowmeadow itself (and the mausoleum) was placed on lockdown due to potential infiltrations from there. The graveyard itself is meticulously well-kept and has no weeds whatsoever; the mausoleum is more likely than not an ancient building, and the stones within it prevent any kind of aura sensing beyond them, having been constructed via a form of ancient alchemy. It connects to an underground cave system which leads northeast of Snowmeadow (there is an exit there which leads outside, 6 hours northeast of Snowmeadow itself), and is infested with undead creatures of many varieties.
The mausoleum has not yet been fully explored, so this part of the entry is incomplete.

Monger Square: A shop containing magic enchantments and texts, owned by Svea Stenberg. It is within a sandstone building, with many wooden furnishings strewn about – the inside looks like the interior of a tree, and its owner wears face paint to match. Svea, the proprietor, has promised Winter Lotus a discount on all wares here when the mausoleum incident has been fully resolved.

The Tilted Lantern: The inn at Snowmeadow. Despite being a very small establishment, it’s extremely homely, and rather inexpensive given all of the services they offer. The food menus here are absolutely scrumptious and cycle through on a regular schedule. It is owned by Barak and Micaela Kolberg, and was the first building in the area; it became the hub of what eventually became Snowmeadow as it is known today.
(The inn was named The Agreeing Comet in Log 37, but this is probably an oversight.)

Snowmeadow Village